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BICYCLE TUBE Model No:WELTER WEIGHT 26X1.90/2.125 (SV48)

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Maxxis Welter Weight tubes are engineered for aggressive riders who require durability in their inner tubes. The middle-weight tubes in our line are targeted to all disciplines of riding like DH racers, dirt jumpers, freestylers, and urban riders.
From Freeride to Downhill and everything in between, Maxxis has tubes to cover all your riding needs


Prodcut Description

BICYCLE TUBE  Model No:WELTER WEIGHT  26X1.90/2.125   (SV48)


0.90 mm thick walls.

Puncture resistant.

Size 26X1.90/2.125.

Schrader Valves 48mm.

Weight 163 gm

Prodcut Features

VALVES : Schrader valve
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